Welcome to CHUBU TECHNO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.!


We are from CHUBU TECHNO JAPAN (Nagano, Okaya) was established since 2012 and located at WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 1, Rayong, Thailand (135km from BANGKOK, 110km from Suvarnabhumi Airport) We are mainly producing precision stamping and insert molding. Our company provides experience and technical capabilities that have been built up in Japan with high quality in Thailand.

*If it is insert molding and stamping parts for Electrical equipment of Automotive work, please let it be our responsibility.
We provides insert molding and stamping partssuch as various control switches, Connectors, Terminals and Bus-bars.
And we offer in-house processing from stamping to insert molding.

*If it is precision stamping work, please let it be our responsibility.
Such as Smart phone, Tablet, Computer, Camera, etc., we are specialize in precision small thin stamping part.

*If it is Shield Case work, please let it be our responsibility.
For flatness accuracy is required Shield case, we will manufacture it in Thailand as is a quality that has been trusted by the CHUBU TECHNO JAPAN and for Delivery pattern we are provided Hard tray and inserted embossed taping for Mounting.

*BOI Pormoted 2012

*ISO9001 since 2013

*ISO14001 since 2018

*IATF16949 since 2017